Dated on 30 March 2000, Phnom Penh

/A couple from Noda-city married in DONSOY village/

One primary school was built up after three years dedicative voluntary action of the citizen of Noda-city. Through this action, Mr. and Mrs. Honda got acquainted each other. They gave up wedding ceremony and allotted saved money for travel expenses to Cambodia on a honeymoon. Delegation of Noda-city who noticed this situation presented them a Cambodian style wedding ceremony on the day of school opening. Governor of Kampot province and Mariko-san acted as matchmakers.

/A doctor aged 82 visited remote area together with Mr. and Mrs. Miyama/

Dr. Ueda aged 82 still on active duty attempted villager's meeting of the reserved school construction site, and began open-air medical checking. A lot of villagers consulted one after another, then he immediately proposed to support medical treatment for them. Besides, he is intending to donate one well this year and one school on next step. When he returns home he said that he could set up a new target in his life. ‚c‚’. Ueda is surely vigorous at his advanced age. He is a friend of Mr. Miyama, a member of ASAC who supported construction of Ranarith middle school that was the third school favored by him. Mr. Miyama every time he completed his business project offered one school.

/Number of well increased by aid of Dallas branch etc./

"One well in each school" under this slogan the number of well is increasing.
This time not only the aid of Urayasu Rotary Club but new aid of Dallas iUSjcitizen joined and 3 wells were dig. The number of ASAC`s well added up to 25. From day break to midnight every well is under full
operation in this dry season. Thanks to the DonorsI

/All night dance with villagers, a tough stamina-race/

In the eve of opening ceremony of Sambour Meas primary school in Kampong Cham province, the foreign attendants styled in villager's home. We all keenly felt the life of villagers, their hardship, their pleasure and enjoyment.
It was very impressive time for us, but it was regretful that we could not endure all night dance with villagers who were full of stamina.
The second stage construction of Wat Ang primary school which was donated by Ajinomoto labor union completed. Villagers are ready and waiting for cerebration dance with cheerful union member. Needless to say, the bond of friendship should be deepen through these mutual exchange.

/Lay crime prevention net/

a lot of gift from Buddist volunteer, including a terrestrial glove, is going to be given Sreng primary school which was donated by Kawagoe| Myoouyin (a temple of Japan). Until now, we never have valuables in the classroom and the ceiling of each room, based upon specification of ADB (Asian development bank), is located so high to good ventilation. Sad to say, the poorness may from a part of reason, window panels of some school were broken and inside|locks became useless. In some other school classroom was ransacked by robber sterling through the venthole. So we decided to lay iron net on the position. After this, we will reform other existing school one by one.

/Donation from business firm enlarging scope/

Ang Chaw Por Nea primary school, donated by DOTOUR COFFEE, also opened. Now this company is going to join " A single piece of brick donation " campaign. All chain shops in Japan will ask customers to donate change when they pay bills. Many a little makes a mickle and piles up the school construction find finally. For example, the mutes of many Japanese people have born fine fruits such as Serey Mean Reak primary school, supported by volunteer's deposit of the ministry of posts and Telecommunication, and other several schools supported by Grass Root project of the ministry of foreign affairs. Thanks everybody concernedI

/Friendly discussions went on/

As NGO activities were established smoothly, in order to study know|how, the Ministry of Education of the country held various seminars. ASAC was invited to discussions about adult education, school design, school facilities and so on. We reported our performance one each item.

/Young volunteers working hard/

Since home page of ASAC was opened, proposal of assistance from young people increased remarkabky. In this spring, many helpers working in ASAC's office. They are gradually recognizing the skill of Cambodian through close contact with people. They are also understanding that language study and clerical ability are required as ready fighting power for their job.
Anyhow, Mariko-san who has been fighting alone felt peace of mind when she had a chat with young people.

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