Dated on 30 October 2000, Phnom Penh

/ Rainfall welcomed me /

A woman who brings rain whenever she comes arrived Phnom Penh on 29th October with a downpour , The water overflowed every corner in the town , but the flood crisis of MEKONG seems to go away for the time being , However, in the area where has been badly damage , how do the farmers deal with fear of hunger in the next year ? School situation still remains unresisting factors including development of coming commune election .

/ Wanted ! kind aid to Mr BORAMY /

In a general meeting of ASAC, Mr Thai saray who is going to enter graduate school of TOKYO university disclosed his desolate experience in the Cambodian former society in which any cultivation's of aesthetic sensitivity , even music and painting were neglected , But it can be said that he was lucky because he could study in university at any rate , On the contrary , manager of ASAC , Mr BORAMY worst his parents in war- torm Cambodia was unlucky indeed , His high school graduation certificate was disappeared in the dust of battle , He friends tried to fake up his certificate , But Mr BORAMY declined to accept it , and re - studied in night high school as a working student , then entered university formally , He is 42 years olds , now at one of his corners , Are there .

/ Cute brilliant eyes /

On 24th . October , I tolled a story about Cambodia to children of Futagawa primary school of Sekiyado town , Here I introduce their cute response as bellow , but I had to cut some of them for lack of space , sorry .
* KIYOMI " Cambodia hasn't enough school , but everybody help each other and make school , It's great , Hurray , hurray Cambodia ! "
* MAIKO " I'm very glad to hear a good talk , Cambodian people take joint to build school , It's a wonderful thing ".
* YUKIYO TAMURA " It was very good lesson for me to listen about Cambodian children , I'm happy to know Japan built school and library for them , I must not waste notebook any more , Cambodia isn't rich , but people don't lose heart , It's very nice ! " .
* MANA '' I was surprised to know many Cambodian want to study but no school , There are plenty of mine buried , and many people lost their legs ,
I want to do helpful thing for them ,

/ School opening tour , Study tour, our project engine opening all the way/

The opening ceremonies of Haruto Totung Thngai primary school on 13 November , Wat Ang library on 3 Dec , Mak prang primary school on 4 December , and sla primary school on 15 December , shall be scheduled respectively , Literacy class is to be opened November , Construction of two schools newly stared , In the meanwhile , instructor of art study will visit each school one by one , Chum kruel library and prek Thot primary school are also waiting for opening , Many thanks to you all donors !

/"My first letter " is written after literacy lesson , No, 5 special issue /

This year , the number of school and library construction broke the past record , Besides , only annual literacy class but also art lesson was set out , I was
pressed with traveling business , so office work was apt to be piled up .
Anyway November 5 issue of "First letter writing after literacy lesson " was completed , Extracts of student's voice are follows :
* Before I went to literacy class, I was Just like a blind , ( age 25 female )
- ref , Most of student express their feeling like this , looking back upon by gone days ,
* I sew 4 suits a day , I'm living with my parents and brothers, but brothers are all out work now , so we are struggle to survive , ( age 16 female )
- ref , I can understand that the weight of entire family's trouble devolve upon shoulders of a girl aged only 16 .
* I couldn't study when I was young , because war began ( age 37 famale)
- ref , I suppose many people lost chance to receive education , because of poorness and civil war ,
* No one is literate in my family , I was often tricked in my small business as I couldn't read letter , Now I'm joining hard for my family and business of myself , (age 17 male) .
- ref , This boy is trying to overcome pains of his family caused by illiteracy .
* Thank you Mr. EMUSOKORE , I could understand to good from bad,
- ref , Students have to study a matter of right or wrong and social rules -
* Before , I didn't know what kind of disease the typhoid fever is , But now I know its character , the cause of catching and the way of prevention , ( age 17 female ) .
- ref , Medical education will accelerate to have another look at their life style -
* Through study in literacy class , my son became to use soap when he washes his body and hair , He also regularly has haircut and nail clipping , He washes his cloths every day , ( age 23 female ) .
- ref , In this way , their life is changing step by step -
* I have learned reading , writing and arithmetic in the class , Besides I became to understand meaning of radio news of the national mass media , ( age 44 female )
- ref , Uneducated people fall behind useful information all the time -
* I came to know that there are some illegal acts on our culture, literature ,
temple and traditional soluptue which represent symbol and soul of our country , We can understand more about our country , through the study of preservation of those national heritage ( age 17 male )
- ref , students are getting consciousness of their own nation , and some of them noticed that any unfavorable acts are under way .
By the way , Mariko-san recalled the moment when she felt a mysterious since of fulfillment after more than sixteen hours triathlon and breasted the goal tape as ironman in Hawai , she was full of confidence to do anything and everything at the time .

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