Dated on 8 December 2000, Phnom Penh

/Cambodia freedom fighters/

Early dawn on 24th, November, as a part of news media reported that the Department of domestic affair ,TV station etc , were attacked by armed group consisting of about 100 members opposed to visit of Vietnamese prime minister . This group belongs to anti- HUN SEN , anti - communism organization in which the member of Cambodian - American are at the core , Although , this trouble caused ties and many arrested people , the government declared its termination already , Nevertheless, since then more people suspected member of the organization are under arrest all over the country .
There are various problems lie ahead of this country , such as , discordance among politics , commune election postponed to next year , and succession to the throne of old aged king .
At the time of riot in July 1997, anxious rumor spread day after day , more then half year before it came true , people held their breath in continuous fear , Above all we have been eagerly longing for stable society , In spite of our hope , the first E-mail from embassy this morning gave us alarm , telling that explosive blew up nearby embassy , and dozens of gun shot were sounded last night , Is there anything still has been smoldering ? we hope it never blow up before local election .

/A well saved people/

From October up to November , the scale of flood was unusual in resent years ,
The water level in front of the palace reached more than 11m , higher than usual level , In Krachea province more than 21m higher , I realized the greatness of MEKONG River, In my spare time, I went around to check existing schools and wells .
Sambor primary school in Kampong Cham province also suffered from flood .
The only one artesian well in the village was polluted by muddy water ,
The well dug by ASAC in primary school was flooded about 70cm , but did not reach to water outlet of the pump . The this well became the only one source of fresh water provided for villagers for about two months , I learned severity of the nature over again .
Our office was always out of flood range before, but this time water came up to 10cm . above floor level , when I came to work on holiday , I was aware of it and seized with panic ! A big pile of the textbook prepared for coming literacy class were all soaked in the water , Every page of those books should be carefully turned and dried up one by one to prevent stick each other , The books stuck already were put into water again and repeated same process , After a long time. I have done physical labor in this operation. Those books fully occupied our office floor for several day.

/Happiest day in life/

Since 13th , November , the donor of TOTENGTHNGEY primary school has been took over by active doctor Mr. Ueda aged 82 , Originally the construction of this school was stared by his filial son staying in Amerioa , as a present to his father , But Dr. Ueda visited actual place of the school and felt sympathy for its situation , As a result , he himself subscribed to be donor instead of his son .
Doctor said he could have a hope and atarget for the rest of his life . He regained vitality in a very short time , then greeted opening ceremony of the school .
Surrounded smiling faces of children , he declared " It is the happiest day of my life ! " Children asked " The what is your second best ? " After a while , he replied " When I was young , it's very hard to go to university, I intended to become a doctor and after strenuous efforts finally passed examination, That was my second best day ! " If anybody who tackled difficult task and succeeded finally on someday, the day shall be the best day for him .
* Since I entered literacy class, I have learned many courses , and started my new life , I feel that my life is getting bright day by day and my heart is exciting more and more , ( age 20 female )
- ref , I can realy feel her deep impression against leaning.

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