Dated on June 13, 2001 from Kashiwa

/Cambodian Dishes, Japanese Dishes/

What is comforting, when I come back to Japan, is to see our supporters and to have Japanese food. This time, we had a Cambodian cooking class. Though I was not really sure about the recipe, participants were good cooks enough and with proper amount of salt, numpular, sugar and some other secret seasonings, we had several dishes ready soon. Male participants went on errands to make our meal complete and got some foods like a red pepper, beer and rice, and then we enjoyed a nice meal. When everybody said, "We'd love to have this kind of class again," Mariko-san was very happy but felt a little nervous because she only cooks once in a while.
I still love Japanese dishes, too! I had a good time having delicious food in a Japanese restaurant with Mr. and Mrs. Muto, whom I met in Miyako Island when I first took part in a triathlon, and my old classmate, Dr. Hacchan, who went to Cambodia to take part in an event as a doctor and loves Cambodia very much, and members of Sabai in Funabashi, all of whom I met through Cambodia. I met Ogawa-san, who is trying hard to build a second school in Cambodia and Jusco Furima, enthusiastic members from Noda city branch office. I also met members of Kashiwa Chuo Lions Club, who joined us for the School Opening Tour. And I met Mr.Tsujimura, a senior member of the International Office in Urawa City, who is always willing to help us, just before he was going to Guam. I visited a library to thank for the cooperation on collecting and translating books to send to Cambodia, which is lead by Shirakawa-san in Urayasu branch office. In ASAC Flea Market, I met volunteer members and people who came to meet me and talked a lot with them and then I became sick after half way through the day. Mr.Takahashi, the ChairPerson caught a cold from me after all. The stay in Japan was meant for friendships. For some more days, I will meet more people whom I haven't seen for a while.

/False information of Virus/

Mariko-san has caught a cold virus for the first time in many years. How much I resented the virus!
Thanks to Mr.Sakakibara's help, Cambodian office and events there seem to be going well. I feel the power of e-mail, now we can contact each other instantly.
I checked e-mail even when I was sick in bed and I found a message about a virus through the Cambodia Japan NGO Network. "A virus called SULFNBK.EXE had started destructive activities on June 1st, so make a search of your P.C. and remove it." I started screening with my laptop P.C. but I had no response. Then I checked my desktop P.C. and I found one. It had been a while since Happy99. We sent warning messages to every office with a Japanese translation. The next morning, I got an e-mail from my son, with information of a H.P. with an article of the virus, saying "It is a false message and please do not spread the message anymore." And it also said that the false message about the virus started in Brazil and it spread all over the world. One month after it had started, I found one and before I made sure of it, I spread the message, which I meant with kindness, and let the false message continue further. How many messages had I spread until I found it was false and sent messages of apology? I realized how easy it is to actually spread real viruses and false viruses, and I was disappointed with my stupidities and really feel sorry to people whom I sent the message to.

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