Dated on June 15, 1999, Phnom Penh

/ Surrender to fever /

That was the second time I suffered from a fever in Cambodia. For the first time, I suffered in the first month after I was assigned to Kampot province during UNTAC era, and finally sent to the field hospital. The exact name of disease is not identified yet. In any case I thought that I underwent baptism already, but actually I was not immune at all. It seemed very strange that I couldn't feel any sign before falling ill, perhaps it was caused by overwork. Fear of nephritis and pancreatitis were scarcely wiped away. After a vacation I felt human again and came back to work one month later.
Visible danger is avoidable, but it is unable to compete with invisible enemy.

/ Komatsu library in a great success /

On 10-11 May, representatives of Komatsu labor union visited library.
After a full 27- hours observation, they came to an understanding that library requires support for software as well as support for hardware, then started to consider further donation. Many thanks to all member of labor union!
In the Phnom Penh office, rookie Ms. Shibata as translator, Miss Keo Seila as in charge of typewriting and patch-up work, formed a group and began translation of picture books that were nearly worn out after very through reading. People also read books concerning human rights and constitution, which were presented from the civil liberty organization. We can imagine how they are hungry for knowledge.

/ Thanks to cooperation /

I received a letter from the Abashiri-Minami high school students, said that they are collecting Japanese books and translating them. I heard another news from student of the Joban University, Mr. Sakakibara who helped me with office work during spring vacation. he organized a volunteer group which is just going to take action. Noda city-branch of ASAC is planning to build a school in Cambodia by the contribution from citizen. A member of ASAC made the third big donation anonymously. My heart is full of deep emotion with this delightful news mentioned above. I will do my best to convey their loving concern to Cambodian children and villagers.

/ Well-digging down in the rain /

Is it resulting of El Ninyo, or reckless deforestation? Rainy season usually begins in June but even in August didn't begin last year. On the contrary, this year, early in March suddenly began and in May everywhere was soaked by the rainwater. Originally, in each primary school of Batheay district, Kampong Cham province, Well-digging project was to be carried out. Nevertheless, We couldn't get proper machinery, besides rainy season came running. In order to fit suitable water vain, well-digging work should be done in dry season. We were inevitably forced to abandon this year's project. I must apologize to all men-bet of Urayasu Rotary Club and Dallas branch who entrusted me with their good faith to Cambodia. Please wait our re- arrangement for next season.

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