Dated on 17 November 1999, Phnom Penh

/ Going on speech tours /

Since I came back to Japan, one and half month has passed. During this period, in order to cover my long time absence I made speech 8 times, and attended meeting more than 20 times, including those of group and individual, then I made a round of courtesy calls and gave explanations of our project. I have continuously talked about Cambodia for five years. Every time after talking I came in contact with fresh questions and various concerns of the audience. Though these reactions, I had another look at Cambodia and refreshed myself.
We have started campaign of contribution asking " The fund for a single piece of brick to build school." If 40,000 people become donor, one school can be built. This time about 1,500 people agreed.

/ International Volunteer Fund|raising Movement now under way /

By the aid of the International Volunteer Fund|raising Movement of current year, Wat Seray Chey Mean Reak primary school started construction on August 30th, things are going well.
The telephone line to Phnom Penh is our lifeline. During my absence, a new Japanese staff, l.Taniguchi and local staffs are talking charge of my work. The Fund|rising Movement mentioned above is a Japanese original system. For instance, if you deposit 100,000 yen for one year, 12 yen are to be donated to the overseas volunteer aid action automatically. The construction of one school is relying upon good intentions of many people. Did you join this movement already ?

/ Hurtful thanks to the citizens of Noda city /

Our Noda city branch started work with only three staffs, but as a result of their hard work, plenty of citizens, including pupils of primary school were involved and finally could build one school. I made a speech in Miyazaki primary school to reward for their cooperation. All pupil listened speech attentively and started at me in round|eyed with amazement. Mariko|san was deeply impressed when she felt that they had intuitive power to distinguish real peals from imitation pearls.

/ Story about donation of Japanese two enterprises /

Mr. Miyama, the president of MIYAMA|GLOBUISS i construction firm j whose business area is not limited in Japan, now is expanding to USA and taking part in urban construction work with his original idea, kindly helped us again. This is his third donation. The school subject to construction is Prince Ranarith junior high school which was interrupted to construct during international conflict in 1997. Mr. Miyama told me that his repeated donations became widely known, consequently, he is now enjoying unexpected good effect on his business. I was puzzled over what to reply to his gratitude. Anyhow his message encouraged me very much.
DOTOR COFFEE so far organized 1,000 chain shops all over Japan which provide delicious coffee and relaxation spot to the people. This enterprise gave us various supports for four years. This time we received their offer to donate construction fund of our school. I met the president of DOTOR COFFEE for the first time and respectfully learned his earnest attitude for business, and intention to contribute to society. After meeting I told myself again " You don't forget your original resolution. " In the near future, collection box of " One brick donation " will be located in each DOTOR chain shop as the preparation for the second school construction.

/ AJINOMOTO labor union giving aid to 5 school in 5 years /

In April this year, the first one, Wat Ang primary school was opened. From the chair man of labor union down, all member together with villagers, not only on the opening day but also on the eve, got hustle on!
In reward for the villager's heartful expression of gratitude, labor union decided to support construction of five schools, one school a year ( including the second period work of the first school )

I have no words to express my gratitude and emotion
which I was given this time in Japan.
I go back to Cambodia and devote all my energies again.

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