Dated on 06 December 1999, Phnom Penh

/ 6 schools under construction /

As a new business year began, the new projects were carried out one after another. With Wat Serey Chey Mean Reak primary school which was supported by volunteer's deposit of Ministry of Post and Telecommunications as a start,6 schools, 57 classrooms are now under construction, including Prince Ranarith junior high school, supported by Mr. Miyama, Wat Ang Tyaw Pom Mea primary school, supported by DOTOUR COFFEE, Wat Ang primary school, supported by Ajinomoto labor union, Sambour Meas primary school and Tropeang Rapou primary school, both supported by Grant assistance for a grass root project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs i ASAC also participated j.
Each project is making steady progress in the mood of hearty welcome and deep gratitude of local people. Mariko|san followed up every developments and got exhausted completely, but still keep step on a muddy long way day by day, encouraged with the expectation of everybody and smiling faces of children.

/ Literacy class opened /

From the beginning of November down to now literacy project based on the support of SECOND HAND and UNICEF opened 20 classes in 3 provinces. This year, the number of student was strictly limited to 20 and the rest were remained on the waiting list, but even now applicants are increasing. Children who are busy with house work and unable to enter primary school stand out among the class students. Some of the children attend class together with their mothers for review of school lessons. I happened to hear a heart-warming story that some students presented a pair of rubber sandal to a poor classmate was walking barefoot.
There are plenty of difficulties, but our literacy course is improving step by step, and local people are filled with higher hopes.

/ Pilica shock's follow-up report /

TV and newspaper in Japan also reported Pilica murder case. Here in Cambodia the news was reported with the banner headline at first. I don't know why but it's further report can not be heard anymore. If the person involved in the gossip of her love affair is the Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen , even mass media may shrink back from the danger, anyhow, nobody knows whether it was false propaganda of the political enemy or not. The case is still cloaked in a big mystery. The sky of Phnom Penh is covered with dark clouds continuously. The rainy season began in March this year, it has been raining all the time. Neighboring country Vietnam is suffered from flood seriously. The climate of this year is surely abnormal, on the contrary, rice crop is respected rather good. At least that's a relief for the moment.

/ Happy new year to you allI /

Five years have passed since ASAC started action, our all office workers, including me, were advanced in years steadily. We have always considered how to realize beneficial voluntary action by civilian, and repeated trial and error. After these untiring efforts we could gain reliance of the people and important achievement. A great many ideas, supports and efforts that were offered from everybody organized fresh activities one after another. I am thinking deeply again about what you all have given me in these years. Now I am going to greet a New year, under the sky of Cambodia with overflowing happiness and gratitude. On the other hand, I have actual feeling that my ability of patience and physical strength will be examined much more severely than the triathlon in coming year. Thank you very much for your kind help. I really wish you all have a splendid new year of Cambodia will maintain peaceful time foreverI

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